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‘Look, Packers And Movers.’

Awesomeness shifting to BoozeSexSundry(dot)com. See ya there peeps!


About TheProtagonisticBitch

Attention Addict. Crazy but a Genuinista. Part-time Mad Hatter, Part-time Grammar Nazi. Irresistible Dancer. Dexterly Monkinsh. ‘Minesweeper’ Champion. Wannabe Bartender. Apparent stand-up comedian. A soon-to-be Author. A soon-to-be Zillionaire. Loves Jaywalking as a Leisure Sport. A Katzenjammer. (Read: Sado-masochist hangover lover) A Science rebel. Classroom rebel. Student 2.0. Mystically Enchanting. Art Junkie. A self-proclaimed critic for Rebecca Black JB Batman Shaktimaan Chuck Norris and 995 others. Could make you go ‘Oooooohh and Aaaaahh *with some jawdrops and whiplashes and facepalms*…’ A lover of the idea of love. Living life already. Loving life already.

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